Essential Supplies for Making Unique Candles

If you have been making candles for some time now, you may believe that you have perfected the skill. Likewise, if friends and family have been telling you that you can turn the hobby into a booming business, you might be thinking about scaling up. Venturing into candle-making is difficult, but you must prepare for stiff competition. Thus, the only way to make good money is by creating unique pieces. You need the following supplies to get started. Read More 

Timeless Wooden Toys

It is easy for children to be entranced by shiny plastic gadgets with flashing lights in these high-tech times. It is no wonder many parents make several trips to a toy store every few months to get new toys once their kids lose interest in the ones they have. Unfortunately, the trend costs parents a lot of money. Wooden toys are the exact opposite, and the best part is that there is a wide variety to choose from. Read More 

5 Quirky Ways to Use Picture Frames Around Your Home

Got old frames you don't know what to do with? Or recently added some framed pictures to the wall, and want even more frames in your life? Whichever it is, these ideas are sure to inspire you. Picture frames can be used for so much more than just photographs, and incorporating these quirky ideas into your home will create a real talking point with guests. Read on for five fun frame ideas that will turn your home into the picture of style. Read More 

Create a DIY Jungle Bedroom for Your Child

Young kids often cycle through interests, and you might not want to redecorate their room fully every time they go through a new phase. If your kid loves all things jungle, then these ideas will help you to create a bedroom fit for a true explorer without spending a fortune. Some simple decorations can make a massive difference to the look of a room, and you and your child can have fun getting crafty together. Read More