Two Factors Owners of Craft Businesses Should Consider Before Ordering Wholesale Wooden Toys

Here are two factors owners of craft businesses must consider before they purchase wholesale wooden toys.

How Easy the Toys Will Be to Customise 

Before placing an order with the wholesaler, the craft business owner should consider how easy the toys they want to buy will be to customise. If for example, they plan to paint the wooden toys, then they should ensure the ones they order are unvarnished. Varnished wooden toys would need to be sanded down to remove the varnish layer before any paint could be added to them as otherwise, the paint would not adhere. If a person orders these items in bulk (as is usually required when ordering from a wholesaler) and they opted for varnished toys, they might have to spend weeks sanding them all down before they could start decorating them. This would not only be tiring work but would also delay the date on which they could put the toys up for sale.

Similarly, if the craft business owner wishes to add decorative engravings to the wooden toys before they sell them, they should ensure they order toys made from a type of wood that will not take too long to engrave. For example, because pine is a softwood, a crafter can engrave it without having to apply too much force, even if they use a relatively blunt engraving tool. Conversely, toys made of walnut could take longer to engrave. This is because walnut is a tough hardwood that has a pronounced grain pattern; as such, engraving a walnut toy would require the use of extremely sharp tools and a lot of pressure. Given this, if the business owner wants to get all of their bulk-ordered toys engraved quickly, they should ensure they order ones made of softwood like pine.

The Wholesaler’s Minimum Order Quantity

Before ordering the toys, the business owner should also check the wholesaler's minimum order quantity. As mentioned, wholesalers typically require their customers to bulk-buy their goods. However, the exact minimum number of units that must be ordered can differ from one wholesaler to the next. If a business owner sees that, for example, the wholesaler they're considering ordering from has a minimum order quantity of 300 wooden toys, they should consider whether they have enough space to store this number of items and whether the available space is suitable for the storage of these products. If not, they may need to select a different wholesaler who has a lower minimum order quantity.

The reason for this is that if, for example, the person orders untreated wooden toys that aren't moisture-resistant (with the aim of painting and varnishing the toys themselves), they would need to ensure that they could fit all of the toys in a moisture-free storage area, where they'd be no risk of the toys getting damp. If they were to put the toys in a damp or humid garage, these wooden toys could rot or get mouldy before the business owner got a chance to paint all of them.

For more information bout wholesale wooden toys, reach out to a local supplier.