Essential Supplies for Making Unique Candles

If you have been making candles for some time now, you may believe that you have perfected the skill. Likewise, if friends and family have been telling you that you can turn the hobby into a booming business, you might be thinking about scaling up. Venturing into candle-making is difficult, but you must prepare for stiff competition. Thus, the only way to make good money is by creating unique pieces. You need the following supplies to get started.


Decades ago, a candle was only a functional accessory for illuminating dark spaces. Today, candles are much more than that since they are used to create or change the mood of any given room. Scented candles are particularly popular with individual customers and businesses alike. For instance, spas use scented candles to create a soothing and relaxing environment. Individuals also buy scented candles for their bathrooms and bedrooms to achieve the same effect. Therefore, if you want to make candles that customers will want, start buying different fragrances. You can mix different fragrances and create a signature scent. For instance, you can combine fragrances to produce the smell of an old book, which customers can use to light up their private libraries.


Another input you need for a candle-making business is a dye. White candles have been around for decades and are common in homes and business premises. However, it is easy to pass by the plain options without noticing them. Conversely, coloured candles have become so popular that most people do not even think about spending their money on plain white ones. Infusing dye in molten wax produces candles with stunning colours that are hard to miss on a store shelf. Notably, you can make candles in one colour or a mixture of different complementing shades. For instance, you can infuse green and red dye in molten wax to make Christmas-themed candles.

Unique Moulds

Cylindrical and angular candles are made from simple moulds. Therefore, if you want ordinary and boring candles, spend your money on such moulds. However, if you're going to make stunning candles quite noticeable, you need moulds with intricate designs and shapes. For instance, if Valentine's Day is a couple of days away, you can buy moulds shaped like roses and make rose-shaped candles. Similarly, moulds shaped like a skull are perfect for making Halloween-themed candles. There is no shortage of uniquely shaped candle moulds.

For more information, contact a company that provides candle making supplies.