5 Quirky Ways to Use Picture Frames Around Your Home

Got old frames you don't know what to do with? Or recently added some framed pictures to the wall, and want even more frames in your life? Whichever it is, these ideas are sure to inspire you. Picture frames can be used for so much more than just photographs, and incorporating these quirky ideas into your home will create a real talking point with guests.

Read on for five fun frame ideas that will turn your home into the picture of style.

1. Frame your WiFi password for guests

"What's your WiFi password?" This has to be the most common question asked by any house guest, and it can be a hassle to go rummaging through drawers or searching your router for the right combination. Creating a cute framed image displaying the password is a much better solution, and makes a lovely addition to your guest room. Pick a cute frame, then use free online tools to create a design that looks stylish and matches your decor.

2. Turn frames into jewelry holders

It's such a shame to keep jewelry hidden away when it can make a really attractive addition to your home. Attaching thin pieces of metal to an empty picture frame gives you loads of space to display earrings, necklaces and other pieces. You could choose different colored frames and arrange your collection by color, making it much easier to choose the perfect match for every outfit.

3. Attach key hooks to a frame

Always losing your keys, but don't fancy an ugly set of key hooks in the hallway? This is the perfect solution. Choose a frame you love, then screw metal hooks into the top of the wood, allowing your keys to hang down in the center of the frame. You've turned something dull and functional into a piece of unique wall art - yay.

4. Create a photo display

If you struggle to decide which picture you want framing, this is the one for you. Attach pieces of string across the length of an empty picture frame, then use small pegs to clip on pictures. This creates a fun, unique, ever-changing display which you can enjoy altering whenever you feel like it.

5. Make a framed chalkboard

Always leaving notes for other family members or losing your shopping list? A framed chalkboard is the perfect place to write down everything you want to remember, and it's much more stylish than post-it notes or whiteboards.

Thought picture frames were just for photos? Think again with these fun, quirky design ideas.